Intranet without the behind-the-scenes work
We do the work, so you don't have to!


Administration covers four categories:

Back-end Administration
 • Component Configuration
 • Form Creation and Functionality
 • CSS and SCSS Alteration
 • ACL Structuring and Assignment
 • Data Import

Front-end Administration
 • Intranet Design and Layout
 • User Interface Design
 • Forms and Submissions Design

Task Administration
 • Copy and Editing
 • Graphic Design
 • Marketing Services
 • Research Services
 • General Online Tasks

Entry Administration
 • Data Entry
 • Bookkeeping
 • Management Entries
 • Other entries (per request)

Affilia supports mothers, caretakers, and families

Affilia is a U.S. nonprofit organization for workforce development,  supporting American families by enabling caretakers of children, the disabled, and seniors to work flexible schedules while caring for their families.

We are more than administrators, designers, and developers - we are Affilia, the platform of your inner circle.

Use Ticket Tracking. Or call-in, SMS/MMS text, or email your administration requests and data entry tasks.

Administration Credits can be used to make your intranet look and function the way you desire, from forms to your color scheme, to ensure you and your members get the most out of your intranet.

Add administration services to your plan at any time.
We'll also take care of any requests that can be performed online.

Available Credits: hourly (1hr), daily (1.5 and 3dys), weekly (1 and 2.5w), and monthly (180hrs)

Credits are billed for each minute of service and deducted from your Administration Credit Account.

* Annual plan administration credit hours can be used at any time .
* Monthly administration credit hours can be used after they are purchased, and can accumulate over-time.

Administration credits expire within one year from the date of purchase (unless permission to extend the duration of your credit hours is granted).

Live View
Schedule live viewings of your administration sessions to ensure you are billed only for the time services are provided.

GB Cloud Server

Your Cloud Server distributes your files to front-end users and includes all applications, 
databases, backups, CPanel account software, required root system files and software, and storage for your email accounts. Allow at least 4.5 GB for server requirements. Applications that are not used can be removed from your account to save server space.

Cloud storage, stores the files the server distributes to front-end users. And, may include articles, images, video, audio, and various file formats placed into your repositories. 

Your stored files make up the largest portion of your site, and are encrypted and securely stored.

How much space do I need?

Estimate the number of files and the files' megabytes for the space your intranet will require. 

Should you run out of space we can quickly upgrade your Cloud Server and Storage accounts.

1GB can hold an estimated 595 photos (with a 5 megapixel camera at standard resolution settings). The average photo album holds 200 photos.

Microsoft Word Document
130,000 Word pages per 1GB of memory
• 200 words in a one page Microsoft word doc = 8KB
• 128 pages in 1MB (1,024 divided by 8)
• 131,072 pages in 1GB (1,024 times 128)


Tried, tested, and stable applications, components, plugins and modules.

Color Coding:

 • Component (Gold)

 • Plugin (Red)

 • Module (Blue)

 • Mixer of A.C.P.M. and Core Apps

Dual Purpose

Create a private intranet for your team and/or a front-end site for your clients, members, and customers.

View the demo to interact with the apps

Ads (Promotions, banners, and tracking)

Appointment Scheduling



Info Blog



Dynamic Forms

Paperless Office
Turn all your forms into online database submissions, that your team can connect to from anywhere.

Email Marketing

Forum or Ticket System


Menu (Vertical)

Quotes Invoices Payments

Rooms, Housing, and Rental Scheduling

Shop and Cart

Simple and Advanced Profiles


Social Network

Subscriptions (products and email)



... many others.
Let us know if there is a special process you wish to achieve and we will help you select or build the application.


Support ensures your site is up and running and connected to the cloud for access by your group members.

Basic Support
3rd Level Priority
Ensure your intranet is live on our CDN partners' servers

Standard Support
2nd Level Priority
Available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST

Pro Support
1st Level Priority
Available 24-hours a day 7-days a week


Group Support
Ensure questions are answered, tasks are completed, and live support is provided to group members.

Setup group support while your members are becoming familar with your new intranet, or for new onboard members.

Your administrator will advise your group members about your intranet.


Maintenance of your server and applications updates are included in your service plan.

From time to time application updates are needed to ensure applications are up-to-date with the latest coding for bugs, fixes, and application enhancements.

Which intranet plan is right for me?

Start with the services you require, you can always add to your intranet plan.

Can I use an Affilia Intranet for my public website? Yes.

Basic Intranet

 • Families

 • Family Reunions

 • Private online space

 • Simple Trust and
     Estate Management

(View Estate Trust Intranet Plans)

Standard Intranet

 • Associations

 • Condo Associations

 • Apartment Buildings

 • Small Unions &

 • Small Business

 • Small to Medium
     Trust and Estate

Silver Intranet

 • Neighborhood and
     Community  Associations

 • Small to Medium
     Businesses and


Gold Intranet

 • Medium Sized Businesses

 • Business Departments

 • Large Social Groups

Service Level Agreement


Your administrator will work with you to achieve the results you desire for your intranet.

No Contract
We want you to stay with us because you appreciate our service.

Call us to discuss your service level requirements for your SLA.

Monday - Friday  

9:00am to 5:00pm CST

(312) 463-4233